Making Technology Work for Your Business

Company Information

Coyote Technologies Inc was founded in 1997 by Norman Buck as a consulting firm that aims to provide its clients solution that exceed expectations. Norman has over 25 years experience in Industrial Controls, software development, engineering and business operations.

Business Philosophy

Coyote Technologies Inc strives to create long term client relationships. This allows deeply understand our client's processes, operations and needs. This allows us to better handle both crisis situations and planning for upgrades and new systems. We are focused on improving the operation of your business."

We take the time to understand your operation, processes and what is important to you. With this we can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

By building a long-term relationship with clients, we are able to provide guidance and make recommendations about what projects and technical enhancements should be pursued. And more important, we can also offer insights as to what proposed projects do not make sense for your business.

Bottom Line

We strive to provide quality support and solutions to improve of client's business operations.