Making Technology Work for Your Business

Coyote Technologies Inc works with small and medium-sized business owners to answer the question "How can all of this new technology and computers help my business grow and prosper?"


Here is some the projects we have done to help our clients improve their business.

Custom Software Development

A custom application designed and implemented for a local company to ease the configuration of a hardware product they sell.

We have done a project that used the PalmPilot for medical data collection, synchronized it into a database on the PC and returned the analysis results back to the PalmPilot for user reference. Due to a confidentiality agreement with the client this is all we can say about the project.

We have worked with a Human Resources department of an international corporation to automate and greatly improve accuracy of employee summary reporting system.

Take a look at what Richard has to say about our software development.

PC and Network Support

There is not much to show about PC and Network support because it all stays on the client's site.

Industrial Controls

Do to the sensitive nature of many customer processes and equipment we do not publicly list the projects. Some project details and references are available when appropriate.